Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taco Bell Incompetence

How smart do you need to be to work at a fast food joint? I went ALL day without any food and all I wanted was some Taco Bell. I drive clearly out of my way to get it and I was excited the whole way home to open the bag and dig in. Unfortunately there are morons working at the local Taco Bell that do not know what is fresh and what is stale. I ordered 3 breadsticks with marinara sauce and I took a bite out of the first one and almost broke my tooth. It was hard a rock. I tried the other two and they were even harder. I called Taco Bell to complain and went off about the breadsticks saying how ridiculous it is for them to give customers stale food. I was so angry. THEN I also ordered the .99 nachos and when I opened the bag to find myself completely dumbfounded. They ONLY gave me 6 tortilla chips in a bag…THAT’S IT!! At this point I was absolutely livid. Before I could call them back a second time Dave was already on the phone giving them a piece of his mind. They took down all his information and apologized on behalf of their business. So now I’m sitting here eating a cold cut sandwich and debating on writing a letter to corporate. Dave is debating on going through the drive through and throwing the food at the employees. I think I am going to encourage this action. Don’t mess with a Graham with an appetite.

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