Monday, April 20, 2009

CVS Pharmacy

I use to love shopping at CVS, but I’m getting fed up with the pharmacy department. I had my sleeping medicine called in Friday morning and I went there later that night and they only had 3 pills to give me rather than a whole month’s supply. They said they were getting more Ambien CR Monday morning and my prescription would be filled by 9am Monday at the latest. I wasn’t too happy but I took the 3 pills and went on my way. I go there at 2pm today and they STILL didn’t feel my refill. After waiting in the 1 lane drive through for 19 minutes I wasn’t too pleased to pull up to the window and find this out. I was trying to keep my patience till the old bag ran her mouth. I felt like dragging her through the window and showing her how mad I truly was. I told her that it was a little ridiculous that it still wasn’t filled after they gave me a specific date and time when it would be ready. If she would have said “I’m sorry for the confusion…blah blah blah” but NO she kept running her mouth. She said “Well, you are going to HAVE to wait a half hour for it to be filled because we just haven’t gotten around to it” (with attitude). I was at my breaking point with this woman and I lost it. I told her she could keep the prescription and I will never have another one filled there again. Unfortunately, I was completely out of sleep medicine so I made Dave go pick it up. I ended up calling CVS and speaking to a manager and told him what I thought of his rude and obnoxious employee. Who really knows if anything will happen but I felt better after I got off the phone. F you old bag and F CVS…you are dead to me!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cash Cab Shout Outs

I absolutely love watching Cash Cab but can’t stand people who don’t use their shout outs. Come on people! How dumb do you have to be? It annoys me when they are not even half way to their destination with 2 strikes and don’t know the answer to the next question.. You have a mobile and a street shout out. USE YOUR SHOUT OUT! They would rather get dropped off in the middle of nowhere while their shout outs just sit there. That drives me crazy. If you don’t use your shout outs then you deserve to get kicked out and have the cash cab roll on!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bathroom Disaster

So I cannot stand walking into the bathroom after someone has taken a crap. I don’t know which one is worse- walking in when it is fresh or when someone attempts to mask the smell with some awful scent. I wish they would invent a spray that is odorless and could really eliminate the disgusting smell. It makes me want to gag. I think people should go number 2 in the privacy of their own bathroom- not a public one. Yuck- I can’t even think of this anymore. When will the madness stop?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taco Bell Incompetence

How smart do you need to be to work at a fast food joint? I went ALL day without any food and all I wanted was some Taco Bell. I drive clearly out of my way to get it and I was excited the whole way home to open the bag and dig in. Unfortunately there are morons working at the local Taco Bell that do not know what is fresh and what is stale. I ordered 3 breadsticks with marinara sauce and I took a bite out of the first one and almost broke my tooth. It was hard a rock. I tried the other two and they were even harder. I called Taco Bell to complain and went off about the breadsticks saying how ridiculous it is for them to give customers stale food. I was so angry. THEN I also ordered the .99 nachos and when I opened the bag to find myself completely dumbfounded. They ONLY gave me 6 tortilla chips in a bag…THAT’S IT!! At this point I was absolutely livid. Before I could call them back a second time Dave was already on the phone giving them a piece of his mind. They took down all his information and apologized on behalf of their business. So now I’m sitting here eating a cold cut sandwich and debating on writing a letter to corporate. Dave is debating on going through the drive through and throwing the food at the employees. I think I am going to encourage this action. Don’t mess with a Graham with an appetite.