Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1-800 Dentist

Is it just me or does the 1-800 Dentist commercials bug the crap out of them? I hate the woman they use in the elevator. Woman- "So I took your advice and I found a dentist that I really love and now I go every 6 months." Man; "Seriously?" Woman- "No, Gotcha!" I'm not justifying my post but once you see it you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. He needs to stop hounding this woman to see a dentist and let her teeth rot. Ugh, I see this commercial at least twice a day! I'm going to call 1-800 Dentist and tell them they need a different commercial.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walmart Check Out Lines

I absolutely love shopping at Wal-Mart but cannot STAND the checkout lines. Jess and I were in the store the other day with 27 checkout lanes and 4 were open. How ridiculous is that? And of COURSE the lanes had 10-15 people in each one. We had about 25-30 items and there the lane that has “20 items or less” had no one in that lane. Jess pushed her cart and asked the clerk if she could checkout there and with a smile on her face she said “NO.” Are you f’ing kidding me?! It was like we were on a hidden camera show. It reminded me of a scene from “Meet the Parents” when Ben Stiller was at the airport and there was NO ONE around and he wasn’t allowed on the plane because his row wasn’t called and the attendant make him wait in an invisible line until she called his row 2 minutes later. It was just like that. I think I’m going to write corporate!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Discovery Channel/Animal Planet

I am sick and tired of watching the Discovery channel and Animal Planet. Dave watches these channels on a daily basis. I can't take it anymore. I'm going to go crazy. We just got done watching a 2 hour program on Cicadas. As much fun as that sounds-it's NOT. I feel like putting a parental block on these channels so Dave can't get to them. Hmm, sounds like a good idea.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Money Is No Object

Here's another thing that annoys me. Jess acting like money is no object. We were at Walmart and Jess was suppose to get painters tape. She was just putting things in the cart without even looking at the prices. I didn't find out what the price of the painters tape was until after we checked out. I looked at the receipt and found out I actually paid $6.99 when it was all said and done. When I asked her how much the tape was she said " I dunno, I didn't look at the price." I was in complete shock. Psh, acting like money is no object, Please.....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

People That Don't Use Turn Signals

This is my BIGGEST issue with dumb drivers. I cannot STAND people that don't use their turn signals. They should be pulled over for their crazy driving antics. I hate when people swerve in and out of lanes without using their signals because they can cause accidents. They should receive a ticket!!

Things That Bother Me

Hello everyone! I just wanted to start a blog listing things that annoy me. Enjoy:)