Friday, August 14, 2009

United Airlines

I think it's absolutely retarded when you book 2 airline tickets, request 2 seats together, & pay for them on one credit card they seat you on the complete opposite sides of the plane. Dave & I booked two tickets together and they originally had us sitting in different rows and the other side of the plane. We had to BEG & BEG the airline to switch us and they said they couldn't do anything. We had to ask a random person if they would switch seats with us so Dave & I could sit together. Thank God for nice people. Why do airlines do that to their customers?! Are you freaking retarded?? Never fly United!!


  1. That happened to us, too! On our honeymoon no less! And the random guy would only switch me because I had a window seat. We were wearing our "Just Married" t-shirts and everything! Geez Louise, people!

  2. Got to the airport today to check baggage. Sign said flight canceled. NO reason given. Told us the best we could do was wait until the next day. Was told it was because of FOG. It was NOON and not a cloud in the sky. Total bullshit whenever we fly United. Sometimes we are forced to use United but when we have a choice we always use Southwest.